EARL DANIELS Seascapes/Landscaopes oil on canvas

          Earl Daniels is an internationally known seascape and landscape artist who has lived and painted in Laguna Beach CA. for over forty years.  his early years as an illustrator gave him the background for extensive teaching and lecturing that has provided inspiration and direction for the careers of many local artist. Mr. Daniels' dedication to "plein Air" painting is shown by the intensity and realism in his paintings of the California shoreline.

         EARL DANIELS has published a number of instructional art books. He served on the Board of Directors of the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach for many years and his paintings have been shown in numerous exhibitions worldwide. Mr. Daniels was commissioned in 1963 by the late President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy to create a painting for their private collection. Unfortunately Earl had passed away in 1999. His very much missed.
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