Marie Rust Wildlife and nature in colored pencil, pen and ink and graphite

Wildlife artist Marie Rust is a Southeast Michigan native whose love of nature began on the shores of Whitmore Lake.  A self taught artist, she began exhibiting her work in 2005, winning a best-in-show award in 2006.  Marie hopes that through her artwork and personal committment to environmental issues she can instill in others a respect for the natural world and a desire to protect it.

“As an artist I am moved by the beauty of Nature and attracted
to a less complicated way of life ruled by quiet wisdom and a simple need to survive.  I work in a style that captures that simplicity; through my choice of media and composition I create a connection to my subjects that is stark, direct and intense.  This connection between viewer and subject is primal and familiar, one that reminds us that we are of Nature, and Nature is in us."
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