Michelle Rial Glass Fusing

Having designed and built custom stained-glass for many years I had been searching for a more versatile and less restrictive art form.  Fascinated with glass I proceeded to delve into the processes.  Since my artistic creations involve a slower analytical process "Hot Glass" or glassblowing did not seem to blend with my nature.
"Warm Glass" or glass fusing's multiple layers of fusing sheet glass, powders, stringers, and chips give me the opportunity to acheive highly textured, multi layered and representational art creations.
I have been experimenting with balance, transition and movement beyond straight lineal boundaries.

Many hours are needed to analyze each design. Since multiple layers are added every layer’s color is affected by the previous one after firing. Every layer has its own pattern. These pieces are individually cut out of fusing sheet glass which is scored, broken, and ground to fit. Powdered glass and glass chips, called frits are added in varying sizes and thicknesses to create effects of shading and shadow. Once it is fully assembled it is fired in a glass kiln. Varying the program a few minutes or degrees can alter the surface texture and flatten the finished appearance. I wish to create a highly textural fusing with depth and movement.

And since it is created entirely with glass the colors stay their true brilliance with no effect by the sun or weather. Many of my fused artworks are mounted outside encountering rain, snow, sleet, and sunshine.

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