Ivan Kosta Metal Sculpture

Most of my sculptural creations, especially the monumental ones are sometimes of "minimalistic" appearance, made in simple lines and curves, and are intended to speak to, and complement the surrounding environment and the qualities of the place where they are installed - be it a public park setting, a public building or a private home setting. Working mostly in metals such as bronze, steel, stainless steel, copper. brass, etc., which left to rust naturaly, patined, painted and powdercoated or whichever surface treatment selected, usually establish a harmonious and lively relationship with the surroundings and provide - in combination with the landscape and the total area - a needed integration with the space and people. Increasingly the mediums of choice include stone, wood, masonry and landform art. My works when monumantal in size, tend to be designed to become a study of temporal and special relationships of human understanding and even homage to a skyline or the horizon - but remaining on human scale spiritually speaking , because it is foremost the people I am preoccupied with. It has been a lifelong worldwide spiritual, as well as physical itinerary since my art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Czech Republic) and Rome (Italy), bringing me to the point of maturity I am at now. The more notable locations of my public and private, monumental in size or smaller works are the cities of Prague, Bratislava and Kosice (Slovak Republic), Aman (Jordan), Vicenza (Italy), Hong Kong, Singapore, Denver, CO ("I Have a Dream..." at the M.L. King Jr. Library in Aurora, CO; "Mile High" at the Chase Tower in Englewood, CO, "The Sprit of the Rockies" in Evergreen, CO, "The Song of Two Rivers" in Grand Junction, CO and just recently installed a large sculpture of the violinist, Nicolo Paganini in Anaheim, CA (Ruth's Steake House Restaurant)... Had solo and group exhibitions in most of the above cities, winning several prestigious awards, and recently added Interlacken (Switzerland) and Barcelona (Spain) to the list. I was also invited and have participated in the "Biennale Internazionale dell'arte Contemporanea" in Florence, Italy. All my works are installed under my close supervision and personal participation (no exceptions), regardless of the needed freqency of my presence and distance, be it the neighboring city or a continent away.
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