Marcos Andruchak Acrylic Painting

Brazilian painter and professor of art and digital art at the UMC and UNIVAP universities, Ph.D. by the ECA-USP, Andruchak, through a colorful and unique style, known as "Geometricist", has already shown his art in various countries. Involved in painting panels with large sizes, uses art as an ideological tool to promote the achievement of cultural growth where he is working. The Andruchak work is called "geometricism". The main point is the geometric pattern you find in each line. The acrylics help him shows the way in his paintings.

"Becoming an artist is a lifetime process. It begins with the way you see things.
Than you want to express what you see and feel. You try something.
Explore it. Change it. Rework it. Destroy it. And start again. Each time you discover something new about yourself. Becoming an artist doesn't stop with time or circunstance or job or age. But, it's not a life time for everyone. Those who choose it find it fulfilling and stimulating. However one thing is certain: to the artist, life is never boring... and the best part is that your whole life is spend in "becoming"ever more . So you can always look forward to change."

The art limit is the border of soul with the heart sensitivity
O limite da arte é a fronteira da alma com a sensibilidade do coração

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